Visual artists and curators, Antonia Riederer , M.A.(Aust.), and Maire Ruprecht ,
M.A.(Aust.), regularly present their work and that of invited guests, within the framework
of their exhibition concept, an Art Salon of flexible location. In the course of their curatorial collaboration, the two artists developed the idea of opening an Art Salon that would take place at different locations.

"The concept of the artists, Marie Ruprecht and Antonia Riederer, is to "enhance an
unused area by transforming it into a salon." Upper Austrian News on 29th, September 2017

The KUNSTSALON as a place where artists of varying disciplines present their different
interpretations on a chosen Theme, opening a wide spectrum of impressions for its
visitors. The two artists share a propensity to strive artistically to try to penetrate topics in
depth over long periods of time. Between abstract and representational art, through
painting, sculpture and photography, topics are worked on and solutions are found.